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Takizawa Laura Uncensored

Tranny of the year award 2012 - Event Calendar Recently I ran into a weird problem. I have a macbook pro and I use it as my daily driver. Tried installing windows on my macbook and then I was thinking of doing a clean install on a harddrive and booting. MacOS already doesn't let me boot. I figured it might help to go with the mac installer CD to repair the boot and all that jazz. I tried to do it from the bootloader on my mac and it said it couldn't find the disks. I went ahead and put in a cd and tried to boot from it and it also didn't work. I even tried and used a bootable usb from the mac installer and it says that as well. I'm lost. I'm sitting here on my PC with my macbook just thinking what's going on. It's a very old macbook and I was wondering if it's a hardware problem or something. Did anyone else have this problem and what was it? How could I fix it? I have a lot of data on my macbook so I can't just wipe it clean and do a fresh install. I really need help to fix this. I'm wondering if it's just an issue with the cd drive. I'm on a windows PC. I'm very lost. It's very hard to just go to apple's site and look at all the info. They have so many different things and I'm wondering if there's a solution. The mac installer should find it right? What could I do? This is a link to the articles I read on a couple of sites about my problem. I wish I could just get it back to normal. I'm wondering if this problem has a fix. I really want to finish this install of windows I just started and I really be359ba680

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